DR Galvaniz, which was commissioned in the second quarter of 2020, operates in the field of hot dip galvanizing with the deepest furnace size in the Ankara region.
It services with a team of 80 people in an indoor area of 1.200 m² and an open area of 2.800 m² in Kahramankazan, Ankara.
It has an annual galvanizing capacity of 30,000 tons with its 3.65 meters depth and 4 meters lenght hot dip galvanizing furnace.
To increase national and international growth by meeting the expectations of its customers with all its employees.
To be an organization held up as an example by everyone in the galvanizing sector with it’s discipline and quality understanding.
To ensure customer satisfaction with superior sense of quality To be able to improve the variety of services offered in the galvanizing sector with a perfect sense of quality.
To meet the needs and expectations of all our customers with our productions.
To meet all the expectations of its customers at the highest level with the care it has shown in quality, price and deadline issues.
Working to achieve the perfection we aim at every stage of our business while preparing a safe environment for our employees.
Acting sensitive to the environment and people, to ensure the maximum production with the least cost.


Galvanizing provides economic development and reduces the costs.
Galvanizing provide long term usage for steel and iron.

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