DR Galvaniz performs hot dip galvanizing in the energy sector. Products become strong and have an aesthetic appearance and aesthetic appearance with galvanizing. It provides the advantage of long years of use without the need for maintenance and repair.


Galvanized coating process is carried out to ensure that the metals used in the automotive industry are long-lasting and durable.

Galvanized coating process ensures longevity and resistance for the metals which is used in automotive industry DR Galvaniz works to respond to the galvanized coating process in this sector with the developments in the automotive industry.


Products that are galvanized in the construction sector are too large to be underestimated. Almost all of the steels used in the construction of buildings and workplaces are galvanized materials.


Structural steel designs that need to be used in manufacturing are galvanized within international standards and high quality in DR Galvaniz facilities.


Steel construction structures are are being galvanized. Steel industrial buildings, steel factory buildings, sports facilities, steel construction hangars and workshops are the most frequently galvanized places.


DR Galvaniz provides galvanizing services in the livestock sector. The settlements of animal shelters are subject to rusting due to corrosion that occurs as a result of high humidity. Therefore, galvanized coating is one of the reasons why it is preferred in the livestock sector.


DR Galvaniz provides galvanizing services in the agricultural sector. Vineyards, gardens and greenhouses are exposed to corrosion caused by high humidity as they are open spaces. Due to this reason, galvanized coating process is one of the reasons why it is preferred in the agricultural sector.


Galvanized coating is used in Stadium contructions which steel usage is preferred. Sports facilities and stadiums are among the areas where galvanization is applied. Due to being a long-lasting process and not having maintenance requirement ,galvanizing is preferred in such facilities.


DR Galvaniz is galvanizing for urban furnitures such as lightening poles, flowerpots, walkways and railings used in parks and gardens. Galvanizing is applied in this sector as it is long-lasting and does not require maintenance.